Rowing Shells

ALDEN  Rowing Shells

Pictured below is an antique single scull, 32 ft. x 10.5 in. waterline width, 34.5 lbs. complete, single veneer mahogany, 2oz fiberglass cloth (added when 100% restoration was done). All original: includes hollow steel riggers, leather seat with bronze traveling wheels, leather clogs with copper heal cups, original deck (varnished fabric) is in a box. Deck is clear plastic for viewing the fabulous, intricate, dovetailed framework. Made circa 1900. Has the name John Blakey, Cambridge Mass. on the deck - builder and or owner? Under seat reads: Harwood Mfg.Co.,91 Sumner St. The cover of the Saturday Evening Post of August 15,1936 featured the artwork of 2 singles racing, and they are of identical construction as mine. This cover was also featured on the poster for the 1983 Men's Nationals. A framed copy of this is included. The boat rows like a dream and leaves little wake. It carries my 180 lbs. well. I call her "wakeless - dreamboat". Bud racing at Head of the Charles - 1995 in photo below.


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