The Boat House has flat water touring, and sport kayaks made of composite (fiberglass, kevlar etc.) and polyethelene. We are a dealer for the following lines:
Pictured here are recreational kayaks. They are designed for use in quiet waters, such as small lakes and slow moving streams and rivers. They are characterized by:


  • increased stability
  • ease of entry (and exit)
  • lower cost
  • 9-14 feet long (one-person)
  • 13-16 feet long (two-person)

The Boat House has many options to choose from, and we are very experienced in assisting customers to find the kayak that best meets their individual needs.

Demo and rental boats are available to test paddle.

Great progress has been made in materials and designs over the last 10 years.
Better materials have led the way to:

  • more streamline hulls (ease of paddling)
  • lighter weight hulls (easier to load on the car)
  • greater durability
  • lower cost

Many other options are also available including:
  • high seat backs
  • padded seats
  • deck bungee cords
  • dry storage hatches
  • cup holder
  • foot braces

Kayaks can also be accessorized with:

  • spray skirts and covers
  • spray decks
  • deck rigging
  • rod holders
  • anchor rigging